Mitel BusinessPhone 128i IP Voice Package

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Gehäuse BP128i, CPU-D5, PROM-Satz R17, Basic License 9.0, Netzteil 230V, Netzkabel, BMS CD-ROM, Flashdisk for IPU (incl. software and limited license), DSM 3, IPU 1, Compact flash card for MFU, Prom-set for MFU ISDN, MFU with optional voice functionality, Voice Prompts, high quality - English, BackStage Media Pack, Unified Messaging Media Pack, Cable 4 ports a/b 19-inch 3x, Cable 2 ports ISDN-BRA-NT 19-inch 2x, Cable 1 port Ethernet 19-inch 1x, Cable alarm plug with open end 19-inch 1x, Quick Reference Guide Dialog 4422/4425 1x, Unified Messaging (UM) Green Pack; VoIP Orange Pack

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